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Description of Activities of Design Office
Ing. Jan Šinták – I.P.R.E.

Design Office Ing. Jan Šinták - I.P.R.E. was founded in September 1990. The company employs staff with expertise in design, in water management and engineering structures, flow adjustments (small hydropower plants, dams, flow ameliorations, pipelines, collectors, water supplies, sewerage, wastewater treatment plants).

Design Office Ing. Jan Šinták - I.P.R.E. specializes in designing and engineering: flow adjustments, small hydropower plants, offtake facilities, dams, land drainage, sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, water mains, sewers, pumping stations, water reservoirs.

Project documentation and related engineering activities are carried out in particular to ensure the planning and building permits. At the same time there are processed documentations for construction, as-built documentation and passports. Processing of documentation is done in almost the whole entirety in the field of water management. At the same time, our office provides development of operational and handling regulations for water works, and emergency flood plans of structures and necessary documentation discussions.

The owner of the company possesses a certificate of authorization in the field of construction of water management and landscape engineering and in the field of municipal engineering. He is a member of the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians in Construction, Czech Union of Civil Engineers, the Czech Association for Technical Equipment, the Association of Water Supply and Sewerage of Czech Republic.

The company collaborates constantly with external staff who has authorization in the field of hydraulic engineering, construction, road construction, technological equipment of buildings, geodesy, geology, hydrogeology, and who are experts in mine construction and biology.

Technical facilities are located in three-story building at address Závodní 55/68, 360 06 Karlovy Vary, in the object designated only for employees who perform design and engineering services.

The projection is provided by 13 digital centres operated by graduates of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Construction Industrial School, discipline HVAC, or the Secondary Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering. Workplaces are equipped with the necessary design software, scanners (A0), capacitive HP plotters (one of the plotters is equipped with a folding device), powerful network printers (6 pieces), server, intranet and high speed internet access.

The quality of the design work and operations of the entire organization is guaranteed also by the certificate ISO 9001, which is regularly defended at a certified body, and by frequent participation in professional and legal training.

We provide design and engineering services throughout the Czech Republic. In the last four years, we have designed several constructions in Poland. All of them were realized.

Major clients of the design office include the company Letiště Praha, a.s (Český Aeroholding a.s.), Union of Municipalities Křivoklátsko, town Benešov, town Tábor, Povodí Ohře, s.p. Chomutov, Severočeské vodovody a kanalizace a.s., CHEVAK Cheb, a.s., Vodárny a kanalizace Karlovy Vary, a.s., Water Management Association of West Bohemia and the individual city or municipal authorities, as well as companies that prepare and implement the construction of hydroelectric power plants: RenoEnergie a.s., Hydropol a.s., MEERCATOREnergy a.s. etc.

In 2004 the company Ing. Jan Šinták - I.P.R.E. won the public tender issued by Water Management Association of West Bohemia for the contract "Clean Berounka - phase 1".

It was a very important contract with a total budget of 750 mil. CZK. The contract contained a total of 23 sub-projects mostly related to sanitation and wastewater treatment plant reconstruction in villages and towns Bochov, Bor u Tachova, Halže, Chodová Planá, Kladruby, Konstantinovy Lázně, Lučina, Planá, Stříbro, Tachov, Toužim and Žlutice. The documentation has been completed, to ensure the release of 40 water management and building permits. The documentation has been completed, the issue of 40 water management and building permits was ensured.

Other significant orders were processed in previous years and are mainly “Micro-Region Litoměřice Sewer System” with the cost of construction 135 mil. CZK (documentation for the tender); project “Perninský vrch – Environmental Engineering Networks” for 125 mil. CZK. This project was developed by the company Ing. Jan Šinták – I.P.R.E. from the degree of zoning documentation to contractor selection including engineering services. Construction is completed. From other constructions listed in the annex we can highlight the construction “Sewer System Horní Benešov, II. Stage”, completed in 2007, “Sewer System Horní Benešov, III. Stage”, which was completed in 2010.

Other major projects: “WTP + SCW South Ruzyně III. Stage”, construction costs about CZK 350 mil., completed in 2009; “Water and Sanitation Křivoklátsko”, total cost of 650 mil. CZK, completed in 2010; “Sewer System of the Town Tábor”, part developed by our design office in investment costs about 280 mil. CZK, project from 2009 to 2010; “Water Management Project Benešov”, 250 mil. CZK, 2009-2010; “Water Management Project Nejdek”, 250 mil. CZK, 2010-2011.

In 2012 we succeeded in a public competition to design documentation “Expansion of Sewage Treatment Plant and Sewage of Contaminated Water North, Prague Airport”. The project represents the EIA documentation, documentation for planning and building proceedings, documentation for building construction. The project will be completed in October 2014. Currently, the building permits were listed (general and water authority), and the approval proceedings of the documentation for construction with the client are underway. Construction costs about 300 mil. CZK.

Currently, the construction “Improving Water Infrastructure of Town Nejdek” was completed. The contract was tendered for about 254 mil. CZK and consists of new and refurbished sewer systems, new water mains and a new wastewater treatment plant for 8150 inhabitants. For the construction we provided all stages of project documentation, all decisions (zoning, building permit, water use permit, permit for construction of water works, road construction permit), putting into trial operation, acceptance proceedings.

Projection firm of Ing. Jan Šinták also handled projects for small hydro power plants. Most of them are implemented and generate electricity to the satisfaction of the owners.

Most of projected buildings was realized on the Elbe River - small hydropower plant Lovosice, a small hydropower plant Roudnice nad Labem - Vědomice, small hydropower plant Liběchov, 1st and 3rd phase, small hydropower plant Velký Osek.

Furthermore, on the energy channel of the Vistula River - small hydropower plant Laczany and small hydropower plant Borek Szlachecki in Poland.

On the Oder River is operating small hydropower plant Olawa, in the project preparation is small hydropower plant Ratowice.

For its project documentation for small hydroelectric power plant Roudnice nad Labem - Vědomice, our design office received the award from the Board of ČKAIT for the year 2015.

Below is a list of projects with a simple comment:

  • The weir Pátek on the river Ohře for backwater of the small hydroelectric power plant Pátek, Ohře, river km 36,12, D = 2,0 m, W = 60 m– built, the weir bears hydraulically actuated flaps
  • Hydroelectric power plant Zschopau in the Federal Republic of Germany, the slope of 6 m, 2 turbines with a diameter of 1000 mm-built, installed capacity of 2 x 350 kW
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Kadaň on the river Ohře, 2010 D = 1,9 m 1x Kaplan turbine 1290 mm, 60 kW – built in 2007
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Lovosice on the river Elbe D = 2,0 m 4x Kaplan OK 3 000 mm, 3,1 MW – built, put into operation in 10/2010
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Velký Osek on the river Elbe, D = 1,9 m, Q = 51 m3 s-1, P = 900 kW. Construction completed in 2013, granted permission.
  • Small hydroelectric power plant for water works Janov u Litvínova, turbine Pelton, 135 kW, gradient 60m, project for a building permit and building construction
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Laczany, Poland, D = 6,2 m, Q = 2÷25 m3 s-1, 1,4 MW, put into operation in 12/2012
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Liběchov, on the river Elbe near Mělník, 1st phase, D = 2,5 m, Q = 110 m3 s-1, 2,0 MW. All completed, acceptance in 2013.
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Roudnice nad Labem, river Elbe, D = 2,5 m, Q = 4 x 55 m3 s-1, 4.0 MW. Completed in 2013, the fish passage in 2014, building approvals in 2014.
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Borek Szlachecki, Poland, river Vistula, D = 11,0 m, Q = 9,0 m3 s-1, output 0,9 MW. Completed in 2013.
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Bělov, river Morava near Otrokovice, D = 2,3 m, Q = 60,0 m3 s-1, 1,2 MW. Completed and approved in 2013.
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Veselí na Moravě, D = 2,4 m, Q = 28,0 m3 s-1, 0,6 MW. In preparation phase.
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Liběchov, on the river Elbe near Mělník, 3rd phase, D = 2,5 m, Q = 50 m3 s-1, 0,9 MW. All completed, acceptance in 2014.
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Olawa, Poland, river Odra and weir repair, D = 2,4 m, L = 130 m, P = 2 x 1,682 MW, Q = 60m3 s-1, put into operation in 11/2013, the weir construction completed in 11/2014.
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Corridor Ervěnice D = 33,4 m, throughput of Francis turbines 2 x 1,2 m3 s-1, P = 0,6 MW. Realization 05-10/2014, put into operation in December 2014.
  • Small hydroelectric power plant Ratowice, D = 2,25 m, Q = 120 m3 s-1, 2,3 MW. The plant in project preparation, the processing of documentation for building permit till 12/2015.

Overall performance of hydropower stations designed, completed and built according to our projects is 21.1 MW.

We have also participated in design activities to repair damaged locks and weirs on the Elbe River after a flood in 2002. The subject of our projects was a lock Střekov and repair of the weir of locks and waterways of the weir at Dolní Beřkovice also on the Elbe.

Career CV, Ing. Jan Šinták

Born 18.9. 1958 in Prague

  • 1964-1973 elementary school in Chomutov
  • 1973-1977 completing Secondary Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering with leaving exam in Chomutov
  • 1977-1982 Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, majoring in hydraulic engineering and water management, obtaining a diploma
  • 1982- entry into the enterprise Povodí Ohře s.p., as the designer
  • 1983-1984 compulsory military service, performed design work for the unit
  • 1982-1994 designer and subsequently technical group manager at the company Povodí Ohře s.p. In the context of work solutions for small hydroelectric power at dams and watercourses in the administration of Ohře River. Cooperation with the Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University in Brno, Faculty of Engineering, diploma cooperation projects.
  • 1988-1992 The construction of small hydropower plant in Krásno. Team of five owners. Gradient 2 x 80 m, Q = 0,150 m3 s-1, P = 4 x 55 kW
  • 1990- Leaving the company Povodí Ohře, s.p., establishing of the private designer firm
  • 1990-1994 Construction of private small hydropower plant Boučí, gradient 4,0 m, Q = 4 m3 s-1, P = 25 kW + 50 kW
  • 1990-2016 Own private design office (from 2 employees to the current number of about 13)

In father´s family already third generation works in the field of water management.

The granddad František Šinták is born in small village Sněžné near Czech-Poland border. In the years 1930-1965 he ran plumbing in Náchod.

His successor Josef Šinták trained as a plumber, graduated from technical school of water management and graduated with honours from Czech Technical University in Prague. In the years 1959-1967 he worked as the head of the waterworks in Chomutov. Subsequently, he co-founded enterprise Povodí in the Czech and Slovak. From 1967 to 1983 he was director of enterprise Povodí Ohře. After 1989 he again became the operator of the waterworks in Vejprty.

Also Ing. Jan Šinták works in the field of water management since 1982. In the years 1982-1990 in the company Povodí Ohře, s.p. Here Jan Šinták dealt primarily with the development of small hydropower plants (mounting on dams and weirs in the administration of Povodí Ohře, s.p.). During this development he closely cooperated with the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Technical University in Brno.

In the years 1988-1991 the owner of the design office realized the small hydro power plant in Krásno. Gradient 2 x 80 m, Q = 0,15 m3 s-1, output 4 x 55 kW. This plant is currently out of service.

In 1991-1994, the owner of the design office realized a small hydroelectric power plant on the river Svatava. The construction consists of an bag weir, gravel filter dammed by flap with hydraulic control, lead length of 300 m, the engine room with two propeller turbines, waste and HV connection for power output. The small hydroelectric power plant is operated hitherto. Performance 25 + 50 kW. Gradient 4.0 m, Qmax = 3,5 m3 s-1.

Scope of design and engineering work:

  • Water supply
  • Sewer
  • Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and accompanying ground objects
  • Water treatment plants (WTP) and accompanying ground objects
  • Water flows
  • Ponds
  • Proposals for land drainage and revitalization
  • Weirs, small water reservoirs
  • Small hydropower plants
  • Lock chambers
  • Internal installation of water supply and sanitation
  • Pumping stations of sewage
  • Pumping stations for raw or drinking water
  • Reservoirs
  • Collectors
  • Operational rules for waterworks
  • Handling rules for waterworks
  • Disaster and flood plans of buildings
  • Low-pressure, medium-pressure, high-pressure gas conduits
  • Ensuring zoning permits, building permits, water management permissions, documentation for building constructions
  • Processing of documentation for contractor selection (according to Decree 230/2012 Coll.)
  • Processing of construction budgets in the field of water, sewer, gas
  • Calculations of running high waters by uneven flow